“love thy neighbor”

raw blue flows over withered sands
like a rain of quietness
paving the path towards Eden
with smaller heavens,
shaped like tears,
for light to walk upon them.
from one side of the sky to the other,
among clouds heavy with
the footsteps of saints wandering,
more and more often,
from bottom to top,
sometimes a voice still roars
“love thy neighbor!”
but our mouths,
thirsty for the momentary
like for the shadow of a Fata Morgana,
taste the blue shards
chipped from the shoulders of the high,
each one enshrouding a new oblivion,
and the taste of the ash,
no more satiates us.
and so, day after day,
more than us, love our neighbor
the flowers that grow
on the graves.

© Liliana Negoi 2017

originally written in Romanian

One Response to ““love thy neighbor””
  1. Sir Morose says:

    So, do beautiful ☀️

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