V. Cream of wordflakes

Cream of wordflakes - bookcoverAbout Cream of Wordflakes:

– to be served with a mint leaf and/or cinnamon sifted on top –

Sounds sweet, doesn’t it? Well, believe me, it’s not. Or not always. Because not all words are always sweet, and because we don’t need only sweetness on this world. There are other tastes too, that require our attention and that can subdue our senses with much grace.

And you’d never believe how, in this bowl of wordflakes that I’m serving you, you will barely feel the basic elements and have no idea of the one “secret ingredient” which actually conveys the mousse-like texture indulging you with the most exquisite reading experience…

So this is it, dear reader – my final warning to you: never underestimate the power of the first taste – you’ll notice it’s a highly addictive substance, the cream of wordflakes….

Bon appétit.

 Available for free reading on Scribd:


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