thoughts leak their marrow in the silent room –

where are the shadows of the foretime dreams?

among the roots and branches of the gloom,

among the gleams of yesterday’s perfume,

where is the hope? what shallow salty streams

became its tomb?


when did my heart such bitterness befriend?

the lightness of my youth, where did it go?

how have I come to let my soul transcend

the gentle glow of innocence? to bend

the sense of love? and all the beauty, lo!

when did it end?


I’d close my eyes and let my thoughts come still

so all my turbid inner fret may clear,

for sieving sand against the wind, one will

beget but tears when all the dust will spill

within one’s eyes – but then again, I fear,

tears always fill


some corner of the tender grounds of past,

so what would be the point to dam their flow?!

while shadows linger, light may never last,

but even if the sky is overcast,

beyond the clouds, the sun will always glow

yet unsurpassed.


and while along my face the gall and doubt

are trickling free their bitter salt away,

within a stubborn tear a rainbow sprout

born from  a ray of sunset, carries out

the seed of hope believed to be astray,

still strong and stout,


and now, though night is spreading to the fore,

so peaceful do the seconds crawl along!…

while tides will ever bathe my sandy shore,

it’s still their song that always keeps in soar

life’s carrousel, to which we all belong



© Liliana Negoi

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