The “H” wor(l)d

Other people’s hunger should hurt us all,
We should feel it deep in our stomach,
in our viscera,
it should make our flesh crawl with horror
simply when seeing its fangs piercing their ribs,
simply when hearing their own bowels shrieking,
simply when thinking how a body is able to self-devour.
We should taste the tears of a hungry child
not understanding the agony of his mother
when being unable to feed him.
We should feel the stigma of shame burning our guts
for allowing another human being,
to starve,
to beg for food.
Then, the saying “love goes through the stomach”
would gain a higher valence.
“Hunger” should be just a word in a dictionary.
A dictionary of archaisms.
And not even that.


© Liliana Negoi

One Response to “The “H” wor(l)d”
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