The sand quarry pond – haibun

Not very far from my house there’s a lake where I like to go and forget about everything every once in a while. I simply sit on its shore, next to a willow, and let my eyes roam all over the place, and if I’m lucky I sometimes listen to a perfect white noise.
The lake formed in a former sand quarry – people kept excavating for sand there until they reached water, and then, when water began to fill the hole, they removed their tools and went away, leaving behind this lake. To me, sand has always been a symbol for time, and I couldn’t help thinking at some point that it was only fit for a place depleted of sand to turn into something static, like a pond – after all, isn’t that what happens when you “run out of time”?
But cheap symbolism aside, I realized then that static didn’t mean sterile – the water that took the place of the excavated sand became full of life: birds, fish, insects, plants, all forming a beautiful ecosystem. Among all, I particularly liked a family of ducks that nested in its vicinity this summer and that were often the companions of my day-dreaming.
One morning, the sun was barely rising and mother duck had taken the ducklings on the surface of the lake for an early swim and breakfast. The small birds floated here and there, trying to catch the fish moving swiftly under the surface, but they often had only water in their bills.
a confused duckling –
was it a fish sneaking or
a shiny ripple?
Summer went away in the meantime; the ducklings grew into mature birds and left the place. Insects fell into numbness and fish are barely seen anymore. Even sunlight, mirroring itself in the ripples of water, is now dim and silent. Until spring comes again, the only noise bothering the lake’s sleep will be my footsteps from time to time.
January wind –
a lonely willow waving
at its reflection
© Liliana Negoi
One Response to “The sand quarry pond – haibun”
  1. Ananda says:

    Love the slowness with which things came together and drifted away

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