this world is made of scars –
a scar is every path we take on the face of the earth,
just like a scar is that trace left behind
by one of the countless falling raindrops.
scarred is the air
wounded by the wings of butterflies
and scarred is the sky by our ever unsatisfied gazes
searching for god.
even the sound of new-born babies’ cries
births in return scratches in our souls, which,
with all their sweetness,
will never heal.
just the same,
the flow of a name through our voice
makes sure that certain sounds are never just sounds
and that broken wings harbor in their marrow the taste of heights
even deeper than the unspoiled ones.

© Liliana Negoi 2017

7 Responses to “scars”
  1. Profound thoughts, Liliana. The imagination between the line lightens the reader up – revealing a majestic graphics that coveys the message excellently. Well done!

  2. zoyazaidi says:

    Lovely Lily!

  3. zoyazaidi says:

    Lovely Lily!

  4. Beautiful and deep! Love your creativity. You might also like my blog. Journey-for-life. Check it out if you get a chance!

    • Author says:

      Thank you – I’m glad you enjoyed reading it :). I just visited your page and I’m sure I’ll visit it again – there are interesting things to be read there :).

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