In time

Against all ponderable odds
the sky is blue today,
a blue as deep as that of God’s
forgotten depths of heaven,
one could say.

You look at me, I look at you
and none of us does speak –
the morning silence (nothing new)
allows a smile to blossom
and to sneak

into the middle of our thoughts,
and suddenly we blink,
and three imponderable dots
of colour and of meaning
let us sink

in memories of youth and lo!
the years have never passed.
We’re young again, though old, and so
the blue above has never
been so vast.

© 2016 Liliana Negoi

3 Responses to “In time”
  1. Martin says:

    Lovely … How the long stream of time spent together seems to flow into a little pool which is an ocean.

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