talking in a mirror

talking in a mirror is a difficult thing.
throwing words at it
so that they would be reflected like the light,
dispersing their flesh in the four winds.
when you look at yourself in the mirror
always say true things –
only they dissolve in the air like the dust.
the lies though sink in the folds of the mirrors
like your body in living sands,
and even if after a while you don’t see yourself anymore,
because of you the sands
are one inch higher,
and the silver on the back of the mirror makes even for less
than thirty coins.

© 2015 Liliana Negoi

originally written in Romanian

One Response to “talking in a mirror”
  1. Moneyogi says:

    the worthless silver makes the reflections look perfect , like rainbows carved from the whispers of solitude…the truth comes back with double the force as one tries to deflect the forces of nature, but to no avail..the sands grow over the mortals , who like shadows have only an ephemeral existence

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