your touch – sonnet

what words were ever whispered on my skin
in time they all got washed away by sands
no matter if obscenely soaked in sin
or drier than the driest of the lands.

what breath may have caressed my body lines
dissolved within the wind and took with it
the scent of all the evanescent signs
of youthful foolishness or elder wit.

they say that when it’s time to turn to dust
you simply go and leave behind a trace
of futures never turning into past
and presents never tasting your embrace.

but let me tell you, blunt as it may sound:
your touch i’ll feel e’en when i’ll turn to ground.

© 2015 Liliana Negoi

4 Responses to “your touch – sonnet”
  1. zoyazaidi says:

    Lovely sonnet Liliana!

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