milky silence

i miss the freedom from the taste of a peach
as it used to laugh at me in times gone by,
ripped by my milk teeth –
sometimes the words i unearth from the memories
still bear its juicy and flavored stigma,
my hands smell again like cinder and butterfly wings
and sun strips its tender light off my skin,
suffering of eternal summer.
once, peaches didn’t know how to shut up.
now my gaze is like the livid monster of a wintry morning,
and the diluted taste of the fruit
strives to make way among unsaid words,
and failing at that
it buries itself again in the silence burnt around corners
like some old scroll,
longing for the milk teeth
too long ago fallen

© 2015 Liliana Negoi

originally written in Romanian

2 Responses to “milky silence”
  1. zoyazaidi says:

    Lilly, this is so lovely, in your typical sensitive style! Keep writing!

    • Zoya!!!! My dearest online sister :* thank you so much for your presence here and for your words :). I hope you’re well – I miss our discussions so much! I hope to talk to you again soon 🙂 :*.

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