within you melted
all the shadows of the words that ever cried on my shoulder,
begging for a longer night and a redder wine
in order to untie their ankles from my voice, intoxicated with time
i had sworn to never again tame metaphors,
to rather scratch my skin till bleeding
than to let the perfume of evil signs flow
from left to right
between my toes
and then you sank your teeth in me,
trickles of my gaze flowing green
around the corners of your mouth
my toes were suddenly numb,
not feeling anymore the pulse of yesterday’s path,
and my words became
just a bitter-sweet bouquet
in the meantime the sun set.
tomorrow i may wake up and look with hatred
at the grain of blue embracing us both –
right now though, the floor squeaks beneath my footsteps,
singing like a throng of off-tune crickets,
the blue is black,
and my curtain-less window doesn’t see
beyond the night caressing earth and asphalt altogether –
and i am searching for my way among the harmonics of a past
yet unhappened

© 2015 Liliana Negoi

originally written in Romanian

2 Responses to “now”
  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Quite lovely and vivid, Lily.
    Best wishes for 2015.

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