My writing process :)

A while ago (OK, a LONG while ago, to be more precise about half a year, on the 30th of July this year) I was nominated by Sorin Suciu to carry on a “blogging torch“. I said “yes” at that time, I prepared my answers, and then, due to some personal issues (such a good line is this one, you can hide almost anything beneath it, even your own negligence 😀 ) I simply forgot to post it. And today, while cleaning a little in my folders here, I bumped into it and felt a profound shame (please forgive me Sorin!), and I decided to delay no more the publishing of this mini-interview :). So here goes:

1. What am I working on?

A lot. Too many things, if you ask me. I don’t have in me at the present time the necessary discipline to focus on one project, and because of that I find myself randomly seduced by several ideas that claim their right to existence. One of them, for instance, is a volume of poetry written in my native tongue, Romanian, and I’d say that this one is the most advanced in work. Another one is related to a volume of short prose in English, and a third one is a volume of short stories in Romanian, short stories that are interconnected at a certain level and of which I am very fond, for personal reasons. Another thing that I am working on is the development of a web page, currently available only in Romanian, on which people can find out about other people, events, places or anything else related to the art and culture field in Romania. That is something that I started a year ago with a very dear friend of mine, and hopefully it will grow into a beautiful thing :).


2. How does my work differ from others on its genre?

I don’t know how it differs – or if it differs at all. Come to think about it, in the end it’s “just” literature (be it poetry or prose), and there are SO MANY people at the present time who write, that one can barely decide what is different than the rest. Yes, it’s different because it’s mine. But after all, the words that I use are the words that other people used as well, and the topics I talk about are topics about which others talked, and yes, it’s difficult to find something completely new in literature, but I think that part of the beauty comes precisely from managing to write about the same old things, with the same old words, in such a way that the reader won’t get bored by it. From what I am usually told, my readers aren’t bored by my writings – so far :).


3. Why do I write what I write?

Because I have to. There are many things that I gave up in my life so far. Writing is one that I could never abandon, because it’s just like breathing – without it I’d die. Writing defines me, allows me to be myself, allows me to explore spaces and times and to then endow a phrase with their flavors, and I could go on like this all day long. But above all else, to me writing feels “at home” – and I think that this is the most important thing about it.


4. How does my writing process work?

I tried more than once to follow a strict routine, as many writers do – like, for instance, to dedicate a certain part of the day, on a daily basis, to writing. But I cannot. Those who know me, know that I simply have creative moments, and usually I have to pen down the idea in the moment when it comes – no matter to which of the above projects (or anything else) it is related. Up to a certain level, it’s almost like a physiological need, according to the principle “when you gotta do it, you just gotta do it”. And personally? I think it fits me, this way of writing. One thing I understood about myself is that, even if I am able to follow a plan and so on, I do much better when I let myself go with the flow. And many of my works came to life in this manner.

So there you have it :). My honest answers to Sorin’s questions, questions that I pass on to another two names, belonging to two people who are very dear to me: Robin Amaral and Bard Constantine :). Pick up the four questions, dear friends, and delight us with your answers – your writings already leave us in awe :).


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