in your voice

if i were to pray to a god
his church would be built in your voice
and would need no icons.
i would kneel in front of the syllables caressing your vocal chords
and i would close my eyes,
imagining that your whispers were
the flames in which once burnt a bush
and your murmurs were the round and white marble columns
rising towards the roof of the mouth.
i wouldn’t make the sign of the cross
and i wouldn’t count rosaries –
but i’d willingly crucify myself on the tone of your voice,
among the milky buds of morning,
allowing your consonants to pierce my body
and your vowels to rebuild it.
and i would envy the word touching you
oh! how i would envy them…
if there was a god in your voice
i’d turn into a word only for you to speak me once
and throw me into ether
together with the last sound inflexion
before the full stop.
© 2014 Liliana Negoi

originally written in Romanian

3 Responses to “in your voice”
  1. how philosophical Lily ! you are so wonderful ! ❤

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