A rhyme – sonnet

I need a rhyme, a goddamn word to match
The tender desert of my inner world,
A syllable my itchy mind to scratch
And stretch a bit my wry persona curled
Around its tail, in ouroboric pose.
I need the perfect shade of red to zest
The utter grayness of a life that goes
In endless circles, by the sand caressed.
I want a word to tame the flow of time,
To bring to life the ink inside my veins,
I need a word, I CRAVE a goddamn rhyme
To turn my fields of dust to thriving plains.
But needing isn’t worth the smallest dime
Since in my mouth the silence ever reigns.
© 2014 Liliana Negoi

2 Responses to “A rhyme – sonnet”
  1. yelena says:

    loved this, Lily 🙂

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