should i make a little effort
i could present life to you in some pretty convincing
shades of pink,
that would make you wanna lick its contours
as if it were a strawberry-tasting lollipop.
i would educate your eyes to not see the shades of gray
and even the chromatic palette of the mud on the roads
would range from pink dragée to fuchsia and capucine red.
i would supersaturate your neurons with creamy illusions
and i would thus let you to squirm with pleasure,
your only suffering being the impossibility to decide
whether you want “raspberry” or “rose” topping
on the masked hollowness of your days.
and while i sit at a distance,
watching you, humble guinea pig of my experiments on words,
as you illude yourself, pretending to like the swamp of meanings
in which your thoughts strive to swim,
i’ld allow myself one fraction of a second
in which to envy you for the desperate fury with which
your mind, not knowing the true face of happiness,
is stubbornly trying to find surrogates for this one in the stereotypical symbol
of a colour

© 2014 Liliana Negoi

originally written in Romanian

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