at the beginning

deep within the hollowness,
as if wrapped in an amniotic cocoon,
laid the word,
yet unspit by the primordial mouth.
deep and asleep
and waiting to feel the bite of the flesh deforming it,
squat like a lump of yeast
in a nest of passions
and dreaming, in its roundness, about the reason of prongs,
about the need of inside and outside.
and the mouth chose it,
from other words,
in order to root it, also deeply,
in the hungry mouth of time,
teaching it the tearing and the withering,
teaching it the endlessness of the point
and the abyss.
and there, chained,
in the darkness from within the veins of the clay,
the word now awaken
curled like a snake around itself,
swallowing itself up to the buds of its wings,
wishing only that it
would be the last.

© 2014 Liliana Negoi

originally written in Romanian


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