sub rosa

may i confess to you, spider?
may i lay at your feet,
as long and as many as they are,
the sins of the afternoon of flesh
crumbling over my shadow?
may i wrap my wonder as if in a shroud
in your web, torn
by the rose flower growing through it
tall, haughty,
ignoring the lives dying at its feet?

do forgive, dear spider, the arrogance dripping from my words…
alike the rose
through my veins once flowed twitching
a colour.
alike her
once i had roots.

now my footsteps are just
dried petals serving as boats for you
on the after-rain puddles –
and you ignore me,
weaving, again and again,
my oblivion

© 2014 Liliana Negoi

originally written in Romanian

One Response to “sub rosa”
  1. the anthropomorphism ! its wonderful !

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