above and beyond

my pain is thicker than yours.
you see it here?
the density of its layer,
the exquisite fragrance of its salt
(yes, i know, salt again)
the splendidly shaped thorns
on which i pricked my fingers
(hell, i pricked my entire body on those –
and how i’d prick it again!)
the worthy of poetry depth of the viscosity
in which my ankles are trapped…
ah, can you at least begin to understand
why i love my pain?
why i need my walls? my sadness?
for sadness is safe – i know
how to handle its taste,
how to let it soak my thoughts,
how to look at life through its prism,
and see the slight inflections of its underrated lights…
“my pain is like a liquor in which i moist my lips”
allowing the flavor to slowly imbibe in my pores
and then float above my skin
like morning mists above virgin fields –
“the fractured curves of sunrise reflected by my hips”
see? this is what i mean…
my pain can show me the stars.
what about you?


© 2014 Liliana Negoi

4 Responses to “above and beyond”
  1. Sir Morose says:

    I’ve always felt this way about sadness. There’s a particular comfort I’ve found in it that you express so well here.

  2. i like the sadness in this poetry Lily. i can feel the depth …..! you are a masterpiece on the board of poetic chessboard !

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