boredom tastes like carious streets and fences with rusty flowers
and houses from behind which windows words are afraid to show themselves,
because they don’t want their bitter-sweet shapes,
yellowing corners of voice,
to be judged.
but sounds don’t let themselves killed that easily,
they don’t let themselves be buried under the line of cracks
forming on the asphalt something more than the web of a spider,
holding your sight glued to their minuscule threads
and your footsteps captive in the labyrinth of angles of all sorts and sizes
over which flows the damp of a day refusing altogether
to listen to the clumsy movements of the clock’s arms
on its skin.
sounds raise from the backhead of the gray,
like the scent of creosote exhaled by the rancid lips of a death
at least as bored as you,
and they sink their blunt fangs in your next step, and in the next one,
letting you know that you can only move further,
hoping that the next street will be better pitched.

© 2014 Liliana Negoi

originally written in Romanian

5 Responses to “tramp”
  1. philosophical and thoght provoking !

  2. The first radiation of all Liliana poetry to reach your sensibility is sensuousness. Liliana’s words touch you, massage your mind, leave their fingerprints. No matter what they say. Poetry should not just speak: poetry should perform, do something to the reader. Liliana’s poems (as far as most of those I’ve read are concerned) are an affective play. First and foremost. A philosopher makes you think, an artist, a poet, his/her poem makes you feel. Feeling and thought are closely related. I think Eliot’s objective correlative is still valid, and will remain so.

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