time lapse

“An ugly dream is still a dream

Supposed to make you stronger.”


You left today, and words don’t seem

To suit me any longer.


You didn’t say a thing, just stared

Through mists of salty dew –

My lips were sealed, my pupils glared.

Our silence, soaked in blue,


Was much too hard to break in shards

By wills too stiff to bend.


“When living in a house of cards

The wind is not your friend.”



One month ago you turned your back

And walked outside this door –

I redefined my white and black

And started to explore


The luring shades of gray behind

The silence of the walls.

My nights were sleepless, long and blind,

My days were empty calls.


“Beware the sand – it’s not the same

To be time’s slave or master.”


One year already…can you blame

The heart for beating faster?


Today I saw the sun again

Despite the cloudy veils,

While tender drops of falling rain

Erased the salty trails


Upon my face. A glowing beam

Then kissed me, slightly longer.


“An ugly dream is just a dream

Supposed to make you stronger.”

© 2014 Liliana Negoi

2 Responses to “time lapse”
  1. Sir Morose says:

    Sad…yet wonderful…

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