it was…just another room
a room with four walls, with a floor and a ceiling,
with windows and with a door that shut
with a heavy brass handle.
it was empty.
because of that
the past had a deafening echo inside of it
if you didn’t know how to walk.
and also because of that nobody rushed to enter.
but through its windows
sunlight was always sweet,
and clouds alive,
the scent of lavender, deeply rooted in the pores of the walls,
birthed lilac shadows here and there,
and the fields of memories were always roamed
by smiles, even if salty.
ghosts of the words said within
floated in the air like shoals of fish in an ocean,
glittering silvery at some meaning’s elbow.
it was just another room –
but one in which the child inside him wasn’t afraid to chide him,
and in which he always came back to hear
the light from the sounds.


© 2014 Liliana Negoi



originally written in Romanian

One Response to “ultraviolet”
  1. yelena says:

    oh you just left me breathless, what a poetic bliss*

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