lost footsteps

lost footsteps don’t get lost – they just
hide under layers of sand and fractured clay
waiting for the right time in order to
blossom again on paths leading in all directions.
lost footsteps have a particular perfume, of shivers
and echoes within long and empty hallways,
crashing against oil painted walls
and going through them, in search for the soles that birthed them.
lost footsteps play with each other,
raking together for bones of may cherries and
slices of shadow and ghosts of snows from
other times, while waiting for the wings of hermes
which most often seem to not come anymore. so then
lost footsteps tiptoe
to furtively taste from the flesh of the clouds within words
burying themselves, afterwards, at their roots, without a shroud.

© 2014 Liliana Negoi

 originally written in Romanian

2 Responses to “lost footsteps”
  1. yelena says:

    your words are a blessing, Lily. always resonating and truly poetic. thank you.

  2. you are a rare gift from the pond of the universe ,Lily.

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