Eyes open – eyes closed – flash fiction

We lost it up there. We lost it while climbing a rock and suddenly seeing the horizon.

What others fought for, across ages and ages of bloody and sturdy pushing, what others tried to conquer at the price of silence and secrecy, we lost it in the blink of an eye.

We looked at each other, counting the shades of colours in our eyes, tracing the contours of our limbs and eagerly delving into this experience offered by the new light.

We were hungry for all that it had to give to us.

We were intoxicated by the vastness of this new kind of perception.

We circled one another, slowly building within our minds the new and fresh vista of things, putting details in place as if it were all an enormous puzzle of which we, ourselves, were a part.

You were you. I was I.

Our movements suddenly seemed to be more fluid in that new environment, and we realized that our clumsy pacing turned swifter with time, and breathing appeared to be easier, although the air tasted different. Eons from that moment, our heirs would forget their first breath, but you and I knew that we never would.

Our home was just at a stone’s throw from us, but we didn’t even look at it, let alone go back – whatever familiarity we still had with it was quickly fading, and we feared deep inside that, should we touch it, we’d go back to what we had been until then. And we didn’t want that. Our newly gained shape was much more appealing.

Up there we lost our innocence.

Actually we didn’t lose it. We simply traded it for the utterly delicious things that began to happen behind our foreheads. For inside our skulls, thoughts had started to form.


© 2014 Liliana Negoi

Written for Revolver’s post Wanted #17

The image was taken from www.morguefile.com


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