Wednesday pondering – on yin & yang

Tonight I’m writing about duality – about the human need to perceive the whole world as an extrapolation of the yin/yang phenomenon. For those of you curious to know why I decided to muse a little on this topic, it’s because a lovely series of coincidences that happened today.

First it was one of the cartoons that we watched this morning – the second part of Mulan, that has among its first scenes the one in which Mulan teaches the children precisely about the balance between yin and yang.

Then came the second reason – on one of the yo-yos received by my sons today from my father-in-law it was drawn the classic black & white symbol, as seen below:


And thirdly, after seeing that yo-yo, both my sons exclaimed “look mom, it’s the Panda’s symbol”. As you probably guessed, this was related to the second cartoon that we watched – Kung-Fu Panda part two, in which, guess what? The Panda learns about inner peace and balance :).

So, black and white, up and down, day and night, sun and rain, in and out, good and bad, male and female etc. Apparently there is such a duality in everything that exists not only on Earth, but in the entire Universe. I’ll play a little the devil’s advocate part and ask you if you truly believe that there is such a duality in all things, or if you think it’s there because we WANT to see it, to find it. I’m asking this because this antagonism is sometimes of a more concealed nature, and there are times when I only see the “down”, and by the time the “up” decides to hit me, I completely forget about it. Or the other way around.

And then comes the witty me (:P) and says that of course it’s all about balance – we must simply remember to search for it within ourselves first of all, and after that it will spread in everything that involves us. It’s simply about accepting the natural – both the positive and the negative. It’s all in us. And these being said, I’m going back to the beginning of this and leave you with Mulan’s “Lesson no.1” :).

© 2014 Liliana Negoi

6 Responses to “Wednesday pondering – on yin & yang”
  1. hjnorton says:

    Hi Liliana
    This might sound like a strange request but can I use the yinyang symbol on your site for my masters thesis?

    • Hello Howard :). If you refer to the b/w drawing, as you probably know, the yin-yang symbol is universal – it doesn’t “belong” to me, and it’s merely a simple version of it, without artistic implications. So yes, you can, and you also may. As for the rest, the text is just a modest rambling of mine, regarding the balance of all things :). So if that’s the case, why would I mind you quoting me?! These being said, thank you for dropping by ;).

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Liliana, your work is beautiful! Although I kind of happened upon your blog via chance, I enjoyed reading some of your work, its very enlightening, and touches the human spirit; you are very talented to say the least! Quick question, and I apologize for asking the same or similar question as Mr. Howard did earlier, but in light of copyright laws, may I use your “yin and yang” symbol? I came across this symbol in Google images in my search for a yin and yang image that we would like to incorporate into our new start-up company’s logo. Your image is clean and simple and when I clicked on it, I was brought here to your wonderful blog. Thank you, I will look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon! : )) -Michelle

    • Dear Michelle, I’m sorry first of all for replying with delay :). Secondly, of course you may use it – as I said before, it’s just a symbol, and a universal one :). I hope it serves you well. Thank you for your kind words, and for dropping by ;).

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