Wednesday pondering – on vine leaves, fig leaves and inappropriate contents

You’d think that after Adam and Eve discovered the concept of fashion and wore the first ever tailored vine leaves costumes, and that after Queen Victoria’s shock when seeing the naked “jewelry” of Michelangelo’s “David” resulted in a fig leaf plaster cast applied over the oh! so shameful area of the body of that statue, humanity would slowly mature up to the point of not feeling ashamed anymore about the anatomic structure of the human body. Especially when treated as a piece of art.

However, a while ago a friend of mine (forgive me Mihai, for not taking stand back then) had his account banned on Facebook because he posted photographs of nude people. Not just any photos, but artistic ones, and some of them more than beautiful. Also, some of them belonging to some widely known photographers. The reason? “Inappropriate content”.

Incidentally I had a talk today with one of my friends about how hypocritical is the attitude of certain people for whom painted nudity is art but photographed nudity is porn. And so I decided that my topic for today would be this excessive visual prudery from which too many people seem to suffer.

Where do we draw the line between art and porn? Do we say that a nude is art if we are able to look at it in a detached manner? Does it become an indecent display if it arouses our imagination simply by seeing it? And above all, how does it matter if the nude we’re looking at was painted or photographed?! Wasn’t there still a human model behind the outcome in front of our eyes? A human body?

Tell me, please, when did the human body become indecently exposed if naked? How did we come to make such differences like if you see a person in underwear he/she should feel ashamed, but if you see the same person on the beach in a bathing suit (sometimes topless in the case of women, or even nude) that’s nice and sexy?

I’m not saying that we should walk naked in the middle of the street all the time, but why do we act so shocked when we see someone wearing close to nothing?! After all, it’s not like the person in cause would posses some other body parts than us – and even if they did, it would still be simply anatomy.

But then again, I guess it is inappropriate content also to talk about such matters. However, allow me a rather blasphemous ending note: wouldn’t you say that God had his slight dose of voyeurism when creating Adam and Eve naked in the garden of Eden?! 😛


© 2014 Liliana Negoi


The text is mine, the image was taken from


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