Wednesday pondering – on love

In only a couple of days all the real and virtual environment will be subject to celebrating St. Valentine’s Day and I’ll admit that up to a point this is cute, although I’m pretty sure that true lovers don’t need a particular day to remember how lucky they are to have their feelings shared, and to express their love and gratitude for their pair.

I know that February 14th will be a reason for many to adopt a pink attitude and flood the virtual surroundings with bubbling hearts and emoticons and songs and almost meaningless words, even if what they actually do is hide behind a mask, together with all their sadness and pessimism and loneliness, faking in front of their own conscience the hope that they will, one day, find true love (phew, that was one long phrase :P). But fear not, oh, ye unfortunate ones! I’m sure that Cupid has some arrows for you too in his quiver. And who knows, maybe the next celebration will find you actually belonging to a couple. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. And yes, feel free to deem me the Grinch of Valentine’s Day :P.

The funny part though is that actually, this particular moment only refers to the celebration of lovers – people (no matter their gender, colour of skin, religious views etc.) who found (or so they think) someone with whom to share their hearts and souls. Not of love in its entirety. And no matter how beautiful people consider to be that splendid infection of the soul that we call “romantic love”, in time the words “I love you” began to lose their meaning. Too easily nowadays we look into the eyes of someone and say those words, only to deny them a little while later. And the words take their vengeance, by being shallower and shallower, like the copy of a copy of a copy. By a twisted fate, so do our feelings.

From my point of view, Valentine’s Day became too much about commercial images and pointlessly amplified symbols, like a desperate attempt of digging for the original meaning of this celebration. We give flowers and chocolates and expensive gifts and so on in order to compensate for what we know it should be “there” but isn’t. And it’s sad, because just like many other celebrations, it’s too much about the material gifts and too little about the spiritual ones.

So OK, feel free to stream the red heart flag, and to act all mushy and sweet – but please do this with honesty! Don’t just act like people in love – BE people in love!


© 2014 Liliana Negoi


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