A mind with a view

Blind-Yeo_2012_04_06_0016Too gracefully does madness sometimes touch
the bitter chambers of your ashen core
allowing you to see a brighter shore
than that on which you’re standing, dark as such.

Too skillfully it courts your eyes and ears
with answers needing questions, asking bold
for you to pluck them out of wisdom’s cold
and bathe them in your ignorance’s tears.

Your smile becomes the utmost blindest spot
as you allow your mind to swiftly float
along the madness river in the boat
of each and every single drifting thought.

And what would be the point to look behind?
It’s brighter where you’re heading, and it’s warm,
it’s quiet too, despite the thoughts that swarm –
besides, reality is too unkind.

You close your eyes and feel the tricky flow
so fast and smoothly taking you away,
the liquid murmur of the waves that sway
and carry you with them, before you know,

and for a second you can almost hear
the sweet behest of peace inside your mind –
a waterfall of argent dreams entwined
in which to lose yourself and disappear.

You hold your breath and flirt with the unknown…
oblivion’s caress, just like a breeze
is soothing you…with such tremendous ease
you’d fall!…but then your conscience starts to moan.

You sigh, wake up and close the madness gate,
alluring as the moment may have been.
You wear again your grayish boring skin –
the waterfall of dreams has yet to wait.

© 2014 Liliana Negoi

The image used was taken from www.morguefile.com

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