Wednesday pondering – on fear

You will wonder, dear friends, what reason I had to choose this topic. Well, briefly, I decided to talk about this today since only a couple of days ago I was discussing with a friend about two experiences of hers, both related to fear, but each to a different sort of it. In one situation she was afraid of someone, in the other situation she was afraid of herself. And I told myself “Sure, why not? Fear can be just a good a topic as any other.”

What is fear? What scares us, and why?

No, I won’t give you the definition according to some dictionary of psychology. I’ll try to define it myself. Because fear is individual, it’s related STRICTLY to what we might lose in a certain situation. Fear is the answer of our being when facing the possibility to lose something. Or someone.

How it manifests? Oh, I’m sure you all know this, so I won’t go into these details :). What I want to emphasize though is that fear is the first proof of attachment. No matter the type of attachment. Fear implies, by its existence, the fact that we care about that thing or that person which we might lose.

But going back to the beginning, my friend was saying that she was afraid of someone in one case, and of herself in the other. And here comes the question: when do we face the situation of being afraid of ourselves? Why would we even be afraid of ourselves? Most of you probably don’t think about it this way but let’s face it: when are we actually NOT afraid of ourselves? Even when we blame someone else for triggering this reaction in our body and heart, we actually fear our own reaction. When we fear that something will be taken away from us, we fear that we won’t be able to defend teeth and claws the thing that we love. And when we fear an exam we fear that we won’t rise to whatever level of intelligence is expected from us, or that we’ll be labeled as failures. And so on. We just have to understand that it is all reduced to being afraid to be only ourselves. And when we finally choose to be ourselves, we are afraid we won’t have the strength to stick to our beliefs, or that we’ll let others down.

Darlings, the only person whom you must never let down is yourselves! No matter the situation, no matter the potential loss, no matter the threat, it’s us to whom we answer in the first place. And remember this:


© 2014 Liliana Negoi


The text is mine, the image was found by Google search.

2 Responses to “Wednesday pondering – on fear”
  1. yelena says:

    …much needed to read this today Lil..thank you for sharing~

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