file0001355046622You die beneath my eyes. The wind that blows
is witnessing my bitterness of breath
and claws rake through my core like those of crows,
in search for all the sweetness of your death.

I touch your eyes, your vaguely beating heart –
it’s all a dream but not my own. I lie
and tell you something nice. You play your part.
We both pretend you’re not about to die.

I put a shallow smile upon my lips –
you say you hate me when I’m insincere
and then you gasp. My dry retina sips
the livid shadows of an unborn tear.

And finally your eyelids cut the cord
and winter prematurely hits my shores:
each of your lashes – just another sword
that stabs to death the hope in all my pores.

© 2014 Liliana Negoi

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2 Responses to “Stones”
  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    The harshness of loss is well-documented and deeply felt in this poem. Well done, Lilly.

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