knocks on wood

file000146064005have you observed along your lives
how often do we care
about some silly thing that drives
our actions? would you dare

to pass beneath a ladder’s frame?
to just ignore “thirteen”?
to say that horseshoes found are lame,
and mirror’s broken sheen

has no relation to mischance?
that spilling salt is safe?
would you allow your fate to dance
with superstitions’ strafe?

“but then again, one shouldn’t play
with things that can’t be seen
or proven to be fake”, you’ll say,
so stupidly serene.

to those of you who thread their lives
on strings of shallow wit,
allow me just a smile that thrives
on every word you knit.

the cat is black? the cat is white?
the earth gives not one fuck:
the grays that cross it, day or night,
are shadows, not bad luck.

© 2014 Liliana Negoi

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