Wednesday pondering – on applied physics

People complain about many things around me lately. Hell, even I complain about many things more often than I would like to admit. And today the Facebook status of one of my friends slapped my neurons big time: we spend more energy trying to convince ourselves that “it has to be like this” instead of spending it in order to simply “get where we really want to be”. The first word that popped inside my mind was “inertia”. And then I started thinking (yeah, I do that too from time to time :P) that inertia is related (or so physics teaches us) to the object’s mass. In fact, according to Wikipedia, “Inertia is one of the primary manifestations of mass”. So, if our state of mind has inertia, it simply HAS to have a mass. The bigger the inertia, the bigger the mass – and vice versa. So, the more energy we waste on thinking about what we don’t like, the more we won’t like it. Direct proportionality (a bit of math never hurts :P).

Now, if a thing has mass, then most certainly it has a weight, translated for instance into the gravitation with which it is attracted by the ground. And if I also add the laws of attraction here, we can mention the force with which it is attracted by ourselves. And, again, direct proportionality – the bigger the mass, the bigger the force. The more we don’t like things, the more this will bother us.

Punishment_sisyphNow take a minute to imagine that our state of mind, filled with problems and anger and sadness, is a boulder. Applying what I said above, the darn boulder keeps growing, fueled by our own discontentment. And growing. AND GROWING. Obviously, its mass grows too. And its weight. And we continue to carry it. Until we feel suffocated by it and our body hurts so badly that we start to complain even more – but we don’t put the boulder down. No, really. Why would we?! I mean, it feels so much better to waste all that amount of energy on torturing ourselves like some self-designated Sisyphuses carrying our boulders, instead of simply putting the damn thing down and moving on! After all, if we didn’t cling to that original source of discontentment with such strength, none of this would be here – the boulder, the pain, the misery, the complaints etc. And we’d be happy, and we’d be where we actually wanted to be. So honestly, why give up on our source of unhappiness?! After all, it’s so trendy to complain! And happiness so overrated!

Putting aside the sarcasm, I think I’m putting my mind on an energy saving diet in the time to come. It’s cheaper to simply go directly for what you want – and like :).

P.S. Feel free to google for all the physics-related info. It will be less energy consuming than your constant complaining about the things that you don’t like 🙂 – and you’ll actually learn something.

P.P.S. Yeah, I know about the phrase stating that “energy is conserved”. I’m not saying it isn’t. I’m only saying that you yourselves could help conserving it ;).

© 2014 Liliana Negoi


The text is mine, the image represents a photographic reproduction of Titian’s painting “Sisyphus”, as taken by the Prado Museum in Madrid.


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