PICT0719on these hills *pointing towards the breasts*
there once lived a civilization of pain.
beneath them there were caverns,
where the inhabitants from back then used to hide during daytime,
and only during the night they got out on the surface,
haunting like some toothless werewolves the smooth lands,
in search for roots…and water.
in time though the landscape changes,
and even the most populated area can become a waste –
gods die of boredom
waiting for an offering that isn’t coming anymore,
and temples become ruins,
carrying with dignity the burden of their bygone sanctity…
the caverns however are still there,
and there are days when you’d think
that an embrace has the organic force of rebuilding ruins
and a kiss can stand for an “Amen”.
in those days i look at you,
raking with the chippy claws of hope (what a cliché!…)
in the clay where there should be a heart –
it doesn’t matter whose –
in search for reasons,
inventing them from next to nothing:
sometimes from a softer spot,
other times from the scars dried and abandoned
like some grand canyons of oblivion
beneath the thoughts,
and other times from shriveled sour grapes,
‘cause eh,
raisins may be sweeter.
and your eyes whitened with cataracts say i’m right.
sometimes though an orgasm remains just an orgasm,
no matter under how many philosophic clothes you dressed it,
no matter the taste of the foreplay.
and at its end we are the same empty people,
emptied of the proof of our impotence
to overcome the soul’s sterility.
you see,
the “Amen” has no point when you’re an atheist.

© 2014 Liliana Negoi

originally written in Romanian

the image was taken from

2 Responses to “landscapes”
  1. lovely ! its like a river running steadily….yearning stories ! bravo

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