file0001415572707me writing to you.
me writing.
you. somewhere else, maybe in broad daylight.
maybe out.
or in.
or not.
the walls are green, the table’s white.
me writing. threading words.
threading dust on strings of sand –
jewelry for ghosts.
the ghosts of stones, carried by winds.
or thoughts.
or else.
the rhyme is white, the meter’s dry.
me. writing. thinking.
lost your scent.
your smile – slightly salty.
not enough ink. not enough blue.
blue is overrated – let there be black.
and silence.
the quill is dry, my eyes are sore.
pillars and ink.
and a fermata.
so bitter-sweet your green goodbye…

© 2014 Liliana Negoi

The text is mine, the photo was taken from


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