Wednesday pondering – on whispering

file000244441597I can’t help noticing more and more events which names include the word “scream” – women scream against something, world scream against another thing, some minority screaming against some majority, and so on.

How did it come to this? How did it come to the fact that people are “screaming” to be heard, but ears don’t want to hear them? When did the human conscience develop such a huge resistance to the human voice? Or to any voice at all?

There’s a very nasty part about the “screaming” thing – and that is the fact that, normally, one has to scream louder than someone else in order to cover that someone’s voice. And if you have two people screaming at each other, ever louder, you can only imagine how quickly that can escalate into a constant yelling, and how painful the result can be for the anatomy of the ones involved. Not just for their ears (anyway enduring the increasing decibels) but for their entire beings. And even if not both persons scream, even if only one does that, the effect is still painful, for both of them. I mean, did you ever scream with anger at someone? Did you feel the energy unleashed, snapping against matter?

I can understand why certain groups would use this word, “scream”, symbolically, in order to attract the public’s attention on their message. But then I wonder, wouldn’t it be more effective to whisper? True, when someone whispers something you may not hear it at first. But if they keep whispering, you will involuntarily shut up, in order to be able to hear what they have to say. And the message might actually have a chance when all are silent and listening.

© 2014 Liliana Negoi


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