October in my blood

file0001836239952bowing and scraping at the gates of the gray
there moaned October,
demanding to be let in.
we both looked at the capillaries of insipid sunlight
throbbing in its helix,
striving to teach it
the memory of warmth,
and October grinned raindrops and mud
on our soles.
you took my hand – I felt your pulse
right there, on your wrist,
steady and safe.
my own blood stream was like a wire
with barbs of autumn all along it,
and I feared your toes dancing on it.
you smiled, gray and glassy,
beyond the curtain of raindrops –
just play with it! let October squeak its joints as much as it wants,
our rusty blood is still safe for sand’s dance!
and I tried to follow, like in a pas de deux,
although imperfect.

© Liliana Negoi

The photo attached was taken from morguefile.com

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