Wednesday pondering – on Christmas

Don’t let the title fool you – for two reasons.

First is that this pondering of mine is scheduled. It means that I wrote it in advance and told wordpress to blog it for me at a specific moment. Normally, as some of you know, I write my Wednesday ponderings on Wednesday (thence the name, obviously :P) and about something related to that day in particular, but when I realized that I wouldn’t be at home or near an internet connection to do this I decided to write it today – Saturday, December 21, 2013.

Second, because the Wednesday in cause is that of Christmas – and I imagine that few of you will actually read this post, since on a day like that you should actually enjoy your time with your families. So I will not write about Christmas, mainly because it isn’t today (as in “today, when I’m actually writing this text”) and also because everybody writes about Christmas these days. And if I cannot respect the first of my “pondering rules” – “write the Wednesday pondering on Wednesdays” – I’ll respect the second one – “write about what happens in the day when you’re writing”.

It’s rather early now, while I’m writing this and the only company I have at this time is that of my dog, Bella, who constantly pushes me with her nose, in search for my hand. And while I caress her, and look at her, I cannot help seeing the need for love in her eyes. She’s a member of our family for about ten years now (which is a lot of time for a dog) and everybody loves her. Some would say she’s been lucky. And the thought that pops in my mind now is “why do animals need to be lucky in order for people to love them”?

What did animals (in general) ever do wrong in order to deserve the harsh treatment given to them by certain representatives of the human species (otherwise nothing else than some supposedly evolved mammals)? Think about the stray dogs or cats, the experiments on mice and monkeys and other animals, the cruel hunting parties menacing with extinction certain species, and the list could go on.

I was asking myself at some point in time what is the purpose of flies – I honestly can’t stand them, and I’m sure that most of you can say the same – and a friend of mine told me that they simply are food for birds, and it’s good that they exist, because otherwise the birds would have to find food from other sources, and who knows what those would be?! His answer left me thinking. We already know that, should bees be extinct, everybody, but EVERYBODY on the face of the planet would have to suffer, that affected would be the ecosystem. The fact that we haven’t yet found out the hidden purpose of some animal, insect or plant doesn’t mean that it has none. It simply means that our understanding is still VERY limited. And that should make us cautious, careful, when interacting with all the life forms on our planet. And first of all with the planet itself – the biggest living organism with which we ever interacted directly.

I once bumped into a highly caustic text which stated that “should any animal species go extinct, so would the rest of life on earth, but should humankind go extinct, life on this planet would flourish.” Now, I like to think that we’re not THAT indispensable on this planet – such thought would be too painful. But what if we are? This acid poison of the “what if” should make us all stop for a second from what we’re doing and ponder. Maybe then we’d realize that it isn’t the dog that is lucky for having lived with us for ten years, but we are the lucky ones, having had for ten years such a loyal and loving friend. We are the lucky ones to have been born on a planet with so much potential, a place of such an indescribable beauty. We are the lucky ones to benefit from all the resources of this splendid parent we call Mother Earth. And we should all be thankful for that.

I think it’s not that bad, to see your luck in the eyes of a loving dog, on a Saturday morning :). Merry Christmas to all of you!


© 2013 Liliana Negoi


The text is mine, the image was taken some years ago by a very dear friend of mine, Mihai :).


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