Wednesday pondering – on apples

Last night I woke up for a few seconds and I said to myself “tomorrow’s pondering must be about apples”. Then I fell asleep again, and I have no idea why this pondering was supposed to be about that topic. But since I learned to trust my instinct (even when I’m sleeping) here I am now, talking about this, in a different manner than the usual:

file481279982806The fruit of fall, as many name it so,
no matter if it’s yellow, green or red,
if sweet or sourish, small or big, y’all know
that many tales about it have been said.
Forbidden in the Eden’s garden, craved
by Eve and Adam, causing their decay,
the apple’s name has been since then engraved
in myths like some insidious cliché.
We find it in the Hesperides’ tree,
and due to one the Trojan war was stirred;
swift Atalanta lost herself for three,
while Snow White, Wilhelm Tell and others erred.
It fell on Newton’s head (again, “the fall”) –
but it is that of Jobs that “rules them all”.
And that, my dears, would be a VERY brief and supposedly funny look through the apple’s history :).

© 2013 Liliana Negoi


The text is mine, the image was taken from

3 Responses to “Wednesday pondering – on apples”
  1. Raluca Ioana says:

    And if I am allowed to have a small philosophical comment, it can also be the symbol of the beginning. Because of the apple, which fell on Newton’s head, it got born a new theory. Because of the apple which was bitten by Eve, both Adam and Eve were forced to face the beginning of the end in paradise and if I can make a small joke – off-topic – the bitten apple was the beginning of a legendary company, also wearing the name of the fruit. So, in my opinion, aside being extremely healthy, the apple may be considered “the legendary fruit”.

    • 😀 the apple is a legendary fruit by all means :). and a very healthy one too. a poor sonnet is unable to contain the vastness of meanings of this fruit during history – but then again, my “pondering” is only meant to make people think and, maybe, search for more ;).

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