Wednesday pondering – on art

I will not give you a definition of art. There are plenty of dictionaries to do that, and the important thing about art is definitely not its definition. What is important about art is the passion in which it finds its roots, the love invested by the artist in what he/she creates and the admiration of those observing the final outcome.

But art isn’t only about what can be observed through the means of our five senses. It’s more than just that, and it adopts a different shape in the eyes of each of us. To me, for instance, it’s like a spiral, beginning its journey in the realm of fantasy, crossing the line into reality, then moving back into the fantasy land, this time not alone, but hand in hand with the artist, and then repeating this route together with the spectators. To others it could be similar to something else. But one thing is certain: art is not finite – it could never be. Neither is its product.

We all know at least one person involved in some artistic activity. In fact, we ALL have an artistic side, which we cultivate, some more, some less, because some of us gladly embrace this side of ours, while others deem it to be a proof of weakness. To this second category of people, I want to remind you, (random choice) about the fact that one thing the samurais (I guess we can all agree that samurai ≠ weakness) used to study in the past was the art of calligraphy. Art (any art) requires strength. Above all, the strength to ignore yourself and to put the result beyond your doubts. And also the strength to be the first believer in the line, no matter if followed or not by someone else. I know, that sounds like a religion, and maybe it is one – a religion in the service of a moody god, sometimes excruciatingly demanding, other times ignoring you, but when it decides to reward you, it does so by filling your heart with a tremendous joy and satisfaction.

There is art in the tiniest of things that we can think about, if we do it with passion. And one of the most wonderful arts of all on this planet is also the most complex and mysterious one, requiring all the passion it can get. It’s called “living”.

art kanji

© 2013 Liliana Negoi


The text is mine, the image represents the kanji symbol for “art”.


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