Wednesday pondering – on time

I just realized a minute ago that today was Wednesday and I didn’t write my “pondering” up to this moment. For various reasons the day flew by me, and it took me until now to notice that. For a second I felt ashamed, but then I adopted a philosophic attitude and quoted to myself what Yoko Ono said at some point: “Time is a concept that humans created.”

What is time after all? What is this thing that we felt the need to structure in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years…? We compare it to sand, we say it flows, and it does indeed, or so we feel. What we call “time” are actually the changes we see in the world around us. But should these changes not occur anymore, would we still perceive the flow of time? Would we still feel the need to count it, as if counting it with watches of all sorts would trip the seconds and they would fall prisoners to our modern clepsydras…and thus we’d keep them for ourselves forever. What we actually fight is not the flow of time, but the change. The change of all that we know, including ourselves. We fear change so much, and we blame this invented concept of “time” for our fear.

And then another question pops inside my mind: if we didn’t fear change so much, if we didn’t fear change at all, would then time die, because of losing meaning?

I don’t know. I will probably never know – and honestly, I don’t know if I care. For now my sand still flows, and even if I try every day to dam it for certain reasons, it still creeps through my fingers – sometimes even without me noticing it.









© 2013 Liliana Negoi


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