Wednesday pondering – on shooting stars

Today we were supposed to watch the Draconids. We planned all day long, me and my kids, the moment when evening would come and we’d see the multitude of meteors in the night sky. “Lucky” us though – evening came cloudy. A thick gray blanket covers at this point the celestial canopy, hiding from our sight the astronomic phenomenon.

It often happens like that in life – you make plans for some “big night” event, and when the night comes, the sky is covered with clouds. But that doesn’t mean that the plans can’t be further adapted. Can’t see the stars above with your eyes? What about with your mind? It may sound like an exercise of imagination, but what it really is, is an exercise of optimism. You simply have to find a way to by-pass the lesser side of things. You may find that even the thickest blanket of clouds can be penetrated by a sharp mind, when you really want to see beyond it. And when you manage to do so, what splendid reward you receive!

I’m going out now – to look at the sky through my eyelids and see the shooting stars furrowing the darkness beyond the clouds. Bad weather won’t prevent me from enjoying their beauty :). And who knows, maybe at some point the layer of puffy grayness will move a side a little, enough for me to see at least one of those comet particles burning to death in our atmosphere.


© 2013 Liliana Negoi

One Response to “Wednesday pondering – on shooting stars”
  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Exercises in optimism. Very good, my friend.

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