Wednesday pondering – on air

I was sitting outside earlier, enjoying a cold furious autumn wind that blew all along my yard – sign that somewhere a storm must have happened. And while I smelled its childish anger I couldn’t help thinking about its atoms visiting my lungs, divorcing there and oxygen remaining in while CO2 (and whatever else aside) flying out freely. The same atoms that, maybe, felt the fluttering of some sparrow’s wings – oh, what the hell, let’s make it an eagle since we think about birds in the skies – or that may have been washed by a nimbus cloud. The atoms without which our life here would be impossible. Maybe the oxygen taken captive by my lungs once visited other lungs. Or maybe it was virgin, untouched by human breath before that moment. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that, once it remains inside the lungs of one of us, it never leaves us. We are its ultimate consumers. Do we ever take the time to thank nature for producing it? That irreplaceable O2, given to us for free, coming out through photosynthesis from the pores of each green plant? We don’t. We take it for granted and often waste it, like we waste so many other things on earth. And you know what we waste it on most often? On sheer stupidity. OUR stupidity. If one invented some chemical process of splitting stupidity into oxygen and something else, that one would become rich. And next we would have people able to self-sustain their lives due to the huge amount of stupidity stored in their beings. And maybe next stupidity would be the next great thing on earth…so this isn’t good. Coming to the point, I don’t think what I dislike more: the absurd scenario my tired mind just created, or the realism of the following image:


In the end, no matter that the oxygen we burn comes from trees or plankton or other sources, its value is still the same. Priceless. And we never waste the chance to pollute it – be it with chemicals or with innate idiocy. So go hug a tree (any tree – it’s the symbol that matters) and thank it. You may produce CO2 when you breathe – but the tree doesn’t need you to produce it for it. You, however, need the oxygen. We all do.


© Liliana Negoi

The text is mine, the image was taken from

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