Wednesday pondering – on greed

I don’t know how many of you (those who are not Romanians, I mean) have heard about the protests going on here, related to the government’s intention to allow a certain Canadian company to mine the gold and silver from the underground of a place called Rosia Montana.
Briefly, the contract looks as if the company actually buys (without using that precise word) the whole area, being allowed to literally wipe out the villages and mountains in that field in order to get to the underground riches. What the Romanian government receives as compensation for the whole action is ludicrously small compared to what it gives. As a note, Rosia Montana is the oldest attested city in Romania. There are archeological sites there and natural monuments which will be lost, because they cannot be relocated. And they SHOULDN’T be relocated anyway. That’s where history happened – that’s where it should remain and be learned about.
The government passed the project to the parliament, in order for its members to vote for/against its putting into practice. As imagined, people couldn’t just sit aside and let all this atrocity happen – so they went out in the streets, and they keep protesting evening after evening, but the local televisions show nothing – or almost nothing. The mother of a dear friend of mine noticed the amount of information circulating on the internet, regarding this matter, and asked my friend “So, those who don’t have internet, or Facebook, won’t find out about all these things?!” What can one answer to that?!
I have friends who are participating to the protest marches, who strive to keep their morale up, since it all appears to be just a lost cause: people will continue to protest, some will be fined because of “disturbing the public peace” – but then again, isn’t the whole thing a matter of public peace?! Isn’t the thought of harboring a HUGE cyanide reservoir in the middle of our country a matter of public peace?! I mean, if the people, the Romanian people, aren’t the “public” in need for peace in Romania, then WHO THE FUCK is?! And to go even further, a cyanide reservoir should be a matter of concern for any country in the world, not just mine. We are talking about tons of poison, which nobody can risk penetrating the earth’s layers. We are talking about a potential catastrophe “compared to what the Chernobyl will look like a teenage camp”, to use the words of one of those talking about this matter. So please, tell me, WHO should be concerned about this first of all, if not US? ALL of us?
Anyway, my fear in all this is that, in the end, “they” will get the gold and whatever other metals are there, in the earth’s bowels, “we” will get the cyanide basin, and pretty soon Romania will begin to sink within itself. What happens here happened in so many other places, and will happen in other places, and as a splendid coincidence, in the very second when I’m writing this down, a line from a movie running on TV reaches my hearing: “THIS is an act of war”. And such an act it is indeed. An act of threatening the health, the safety, the welfare of people, of ANY people, IS an act of war. No matter if it’s produced by a foreign government or by its own.
THIS is wrong.


© Liliana Negoi



The text is mine, the image was taken from, and it’s stating “SAVE ROSIA MONTANA/ The law for destroying Rosia Montana NOT in my name.

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