Wednesday pondering – on suffering

A little earlier a friend of mine was complaining that she was going through terrible suffering (well, she wasn’t really, it was just a figure of speech and it doesn’t matter why she used that expression), but it was then that I realized that the past 24 hours revolved, one way or another, around this word: sufferance. Mine or others’. And I started to ponder about the role of real suffering – sometimes physical, sometimes mental or spiritual – in our lives.
Some may say that that the reason why we suffer, no matter for what reasons, is for us to learn to appreciate the joys we encounter in our lives. And maybe it’s true that we can only learn happiness by being deprived of it, and we can only learn to cherish the “now” by comparing it to the past and the future. The reason for this could reside in the way we are raised into believing that everything on this earth is merely a mixture of opposites in different proportions, but all based on the yin & yang principle. Ergo, suffering is a part of life that we have to experience at some point and in a certain degree, in order to learn something. Related to this I remember a funny quote from Nancie J. Carmody which I’m inserting below:
So, putting aside the smile, according to this, there’s a good part about each suffering – it only depends on how you look at it. Sometimes it’s merely the glass half empty/ half full exercise. Other times it’s not that easy, and there are pains that we couldn’t possibly believe to have a good part. Somehow though, they have one – and sooner or later we find it, and if we’re wise enough we accept it. And when we accept it, we close the circle and complete the experience. Because it’s in the human nature to assume that everything in this universe must have a perfect opposite, and to perceive each of the opposite elements individually, as parts of a whole. The awareness of the absolute singularities is the appanage of the divine – whatever the “divine” may be for each of us.

© Liliana Negoi

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