Wednesday pondering – on waste


Yesterday was the World Overshooting Day. I saw the above inserted photo yesterday on a Facebook page that I absolutely adore – “I fucking love science” – and for a second I thought “wow, that’s worrying”. But then I realized that it would be worrying if we were the type of thoughtful consumers who treated with moderation each resource and properly weighed the importance of each thing done, and the planet simply didn’t have enough resources to sustain all of us. But here’s another statistics unto which I bumped a while ago, stating that “we already grow enough food for 10 billion people – and still can’t end hunger” (, even if currently the world population is of approximately 7 billion people. In my understanding, that means that what we actually do is WASTE. With capitals. And that, dear friends, is worse than worrying, it’s horrifying. What’s even worse than that is that the World Overshoot Day doesn’t refer only to food – but to ALL resources. That means that we kind of finished our “budget” for this year in about two thirds of the allocated time. And to quote from the image description from the same page mentioned above, “Today is the day when the world has used up our sustainable resources and carbon absorption for the year. Everything we use beyond this cannot be sustained under present conditions and is essentially borrowed from future generations.” Doesn’t that sound at least a LITTLE freakish to you all?! Sure, there are plenty of zen sayings telling you to not worry about the past and the future, but only for now. And I am not telling you to worry about your futures either (it seems you don’t, anyway). But try worrying a little about the present of your children, and about the one of your grandchildren, and so on. Don’t they deserve a chance to not worry about their own futures? We can’t stop consuming for the next four months or so, so that our yearly balance comes to zero by the end of December. But can we at least start to not waste so many things? Are we even aware that on one side we produce billions of tons of garbage, while on the other side there are people who have learned to recycle it up to the point of turning it into art – like the music played on instruments made out of trash? You can see that at . But of course, you shouldn’t worry about the future or the past, only about the now. However, what if your “now” is a wrong one?



© Liliana Negoi

The text is mine, the image and the afferent notes can be seen at


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