sunlight crucified on pebbles
flaunts its fluidity shamelessly –
the shade of my sole briefly kisses it,
rearranging randomly
the photons playing hide-and-seek behind the specks of dust…

strange paths i walk sometimes,
like this one.
i pace it
tracing unwillingly its stony lifeforms
in search of seeds of clay worthy of remembering.
so rare they are…

other times i rest my footsteps
on the rocky spine of some mountain
mixing twilight with silly thoughts
under the pretext of nature.
but whose nature…i don’t know.

the other day i cut my sole on a clam shard on the seashore.
i bled for a while,
and it was kind of funny to see the sand reddening –
made me ponder on how much salty water is needed
to make the crimson vanish –
assuming, of course,
that salty water would reach that spot.
otherwise sand might remain
forever stained –
even if covered by other layers of clean silica.

and now here i am.
just another pilgrim on some road to nowhere
learning the game of light and shades
from pebbles.

© Liliana Negoi

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