an explosion of thoughts
smelling like spring and diffuse sunlight
flowing over the forgotten cups of tea between the two of us –
your eyes say so much,
your lips so little,
but my ears need no sound to hear
the words crowded in your gaze

a ladybug lands safely on the edge of your cup
and you hold your breath,
allowing it to explore at leisure
the warm white circle – an endless path

the leaves of the trees next to us converse –
louder than our voices, softer than our thoughts –
we smile,
louder than our thoughts, softer than our intentions

time stays still – I don’t, my thoughts don’t, neither do yours,
my gaze crosses the now fading veil of steam rising from my cup,
eager to find in your gaze
the so sweetly noisy silence
where our imperceptible gestures feel
“at home”


© Liliana Negoi

One Response to “tête-à-tête”
  1. Robin says:

    the beautiful stirrings of silence ~

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