November Rorschach

Morning glides slowly along the wings of a dragonfly frozen in a corner and my window sighs, blessed with sunlight – November kisses seconds with the tenderness of one who knows that time is merely the perfume of existence.

I see myself in a mirror through thick layers of smoke, “A thousand kisses deep” filling my hearing with Cohen’s voice, and it hurts how the premonition of roses dying crushed by winter’s gnashed teeth slithers in my mind.

I’m tired, I’m exhausted by many reasons and by no reason at all, and I feel myself falling “like a white stone” (damn you Akhmatova… ) in the depth of thought, striving to hit the proverbial bottom so that I would finally be allowed to start climbing again a random ladder of light towards higher places.

But what’s “higher” compared to my low? The level of a garden gnome’s shoulder?…

Seconds flow…

And while autumn dies slowly in my arms, I dive within its hollow eyes, inhaling the yellow scent of its passing and longing to lose myself in the meanders of other times…


© Liliana Negoi

6 Responses to “November Rorschach”
  1. Drifting on the scent of a morning breeze…. love it Liliana 🙂

  2. yelena says:

    oh my.. Lily.. this is incredible. i’m reading it accompanied by Cohen’s music and coffee – and it feels so good on this gloomy sunday morning. ‘my window sighs, blessed with sunlight..’ – thank you for this *smiles*

  3. sridevi1974 says:

    Every time I read something stunning from your pen…you come out with something new which totally blows me and leaves me numbed with the sheer beauty of your words and a new depth 🙂

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