World – meet The Apocalypse, Apocalypse – meet The World

If we really knew how to live our lives, then a potential “end of the world” in a month from now shouldn’t affect in any way the course of our daily existence. Unfortunately though, this ever growing worldwide hysteria regarding the Mayan calendar and the assumed Apocalypse announced by this one for December 2012 is the most painful proof of the superficial way in which so many people understand to “grow up”.
Honestly? I haven’t got the vaguest idea of whether this will happen or not, and I don’t intend to waste my energy by “digging” for such information. Too many do this anyway – the world “ended” in 2000 too, and also in 2001 (because there had been a miscalculation before that :P), planets aligned on other dates also, and I’m sure that I know too little of the number of times when it was predicted, based on old calendars or writings, that this was it for the human race. Movies were made on all sort of calamities, books and articles were written, documentaries were realized, hypotheses were issued and people attempted to demonstrate these, either scientifically or empirically. You’d think that, after all this, the general state of fear would make people try (at least in this assumed 12th hour) to be better.
Bullshit. Pardon my language.
All that people do in the proximity of a so-called Apocalypse is to buy more, eat more, drink more, do all the stupidest things in the world because, you know, “the world is going to end and we owe it to ourselves to live our lives fully”. But how many of you out there, who “live your lives fully”, include in that the good deed of feeding a hungry person or dressing a homeless one? Or at least ceasing to differentiate people by reason of skin color or religion? Or something, anything that would demonstrate your human essence?
We all owe a death to this world – debt that we acquire the second when we are conceived. But if we live the way we live, do you think that it really matters that we die one at a time or all in the same time?!



© Liliana Negoi


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