La femme triste

Why is the woman sad?
Because she has the right to be. Men have this right too, but they don’t use it. Or when they use it, their sadness is prosaic, whilst that of a woman is a very dense liquor, bitter sweet, reminding to the one that drinks it about all the labels that are attached to her being.
Because too often what is seen from her being are only the above-mentioned labels – be them social or of some other nature – and not the “woman” per se.
Because sometimes she simply has no choice – sometimes “to be a woman” is something so painful that leaves no space for even the shadow of a smile.
Because she knows that a dose of sadness makes joy seem brighter and happiness more palpable – just like a bit of salt in the dough makes the cake sweeter and more flavored. It’s true that there are women who mistake the quantity, but let’s not divagate from the topic.
Because she is not afraid to be sad. Sometimes she even wears her sadness with pride, like a medal defining her essence.
Because she is a masochist. All women have in themselves a bigger or a smaller dose of masochism, that leads them from time to time to assume their Yin and to meditate about the  phases of the moon and about all the negative things surrounding them – to not understand by “negative” here something “bad”. “Negative” can also be something very good – but this is a topic for another article.
Because, having a higher resistance to pain (thus feeling it more profoundly) she uses sadness in order to purge the inner excesses.
Because she blends very well both with the cheap philosophy of the soap operas and the deep judgements of value related to everything that is essential in life – and that without necessarily wearing shoes that match the color of her purse.
Because sometimes mud spatters look sexy on pink silk.
Because time taught her that sadness is never “just sadness” – and that proves also that she is never “just a woman”.
Because of that. And because of many other things.

The lines above are meant to be just a humble reply to the thoughts and words penned on (electronic, but that is not the important thing) paper by Flavius Obeadă 🙂  .


© Liliana Negoi


originally written in Romanian

4 Responses to “La femme triste”
  1. yelena says:

    how truly you expressed something i’ve never been able to express in words. thank you immensely for writing this, Lily~

  2. Jay says:

    I read this and my heart chimes in chorus with you!

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