crossing boundaries

threads untie themselves from your skin,
and slither ahead,
asking you to follow them
and to accept the unknown
helix pain they weave –

threads that, crossing borders,
dip into empty horizons,
filling them with otherworldly silence
and expecting you to
step carefully –
erratic winds crucify themselves on the sleeves of the earth,
stitching the air with calcareous dust
and dry

what flows along the tender cracks of the earth
cupping shadows
is but the breath of the free,
the crushed wings of words
but not forgotten,
and the hushed time.

is where true requiems are born –
in exile,
from the laic steps on the burial grounds of silence,
and this
is where eternity hangs
like a hunchback of sand
against the spine of thought.

now, doesn’t that make you ponder
just a little bit more
on the ephemeral nature
of life?


© Liliana Negoi

6 Responses to “crossing boundaries”
  1. Pete Armetta says:

    Wonderfully transcendental.

  2. Gentle Fury says:

    It does make me ponder! Thank you.

  3. ch3815h says:

    great moment of poetry. another one, tomorrow in Bv, maratonul de poezie cu incepere de la orele 14!

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